Baseus Car Interior Cleaning Vacuum Cleaner A7

SKU: Baseus A7 Vacuum Cleaner
Product by: Baseus
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Product Highlights

  • Quick & Quiet Vacuuming — High-speed brushless motor delivers 2 levels of high suction power whilst working silently to vacuum your car, carpet, furniture, and even keyboard fast and quietly.

  • Handheld Design & Large Capacity Dust Cup — The ergonomic handle allows you to hold the vacuum with ease for an extended cleaning time while the 500ml dust cup is sufficient for a longer vacuum session.

  • Dual-layer Dirt Filtration System — The filter consists a fine steel filter teamed with a HEPA filter inside enhancing dirt filtration up to 99.7% of particles.

  • Easy Maintenance — Simply twist dust cup counter clockwise to release dust cup, take out filter, clean filter with brush, and poor out dirt in dust cup.

  • Complete Cleaning Tool Kit — The Baseus A7 hand held vacuum comes with a detachable brush to scrap and vacuum persistent dirt, a highly flexible hose to reach narrow corners, a brush to clean the filter, a USB-C charging cable

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